Roots EQ

Drum Mutes

Roots EQ co-founder Adam Topol is a Los Angeles based drummer, percussionist, and solo artist. For over fourteen years, he has recorded and toured internationally with multi-platinum singer/songwriter Jack Johnson. He has also collaborated with a wide variety of artists as a drummer, percussionist, engineer, producer, and songwriter. Most notably, he has had the opportunity to explore sonic possibilities in the studio with his project Culver City Dub Collective. Whether in the studio, in a large open-air festival, an intimate club performance on an “interesting” house-kit, or an unplugged acoustic rehearsal, Topol has always looked to find the best drum sound for each musical situation as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Making any drum set feel and sound “right” for the music has become a passion and necessity.

Roots EQ began in the practice room…the search for a solution to T Shirts sliding off toms mid song, that missing roll of duct tape 5 minutes before show time, and the desire to capture a musical vibe that none of the available drum dampening products could offer. Along with crucial feedback from Rich Mangicaro and some of the worlds’ most accomplished and tasteful players, he and master drum builder Matt Smith teamed up to create one of the the best feeling, best sounding, and simplest drum muting products on the market. Over a year’s worth of trial and error in the workshop and on the gig was well worth the result.